Genital Warts Treatment Reviews

A Big List of E-mails, Phone Messages, and Physical Mail I’ve Gotten Over The Years From People Who Treated Their Warts Successfully With My Report

Like I said on my main page on genital warts, I’ve received SO MANY comments from happy people over the years that I couldn’t possibly list them all on the main page or else no one would want to read it.

However, there are a few people out there who have told me they wish I would post as many comments from other people who have used my report as possible, because it gives them hope and encouragement for their own situation. And of course it’s always good to know other people are going through the exact same thoughts and feelings and you are not alone!

So here are the Genital Warts Report reviews, posted in no particular order, although I did try to arrange them somewhat in the order I received them – most recent ones are at the bottom. For others, I tried to put the ones with voicemail audio closer to the top so they’re easier to find. And in a few cases where someone lived in a small town or had a very unique name, I had to change some identifying information because the person was getting hassled on Facebook by people trying to track them down. These people trust me with their privacy so please respect that.

Genital Warts Treatment Review by Christina Smith

“Your report worked totally 100% – completely saved me”

“When I was diagnosed with genital warts, it RUINED MY LIFE. My confidence was lowered and my interactions with people weren’t as good and I just felt terrible about myself. I reached a point where I was willing to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to get rid of this and that’s when I started searching around and came across your website. At first I was like “oh you know this is probably a scam or whatever” but I was so sick of going to the doctors and getting my skin burned and having it leave scars and so much pain. And I was willing to whatever it took, so I downloaded your report and saw how easy it was. A little over 24 hours later, it was COMPLETELY gone. I am SO GLAD I did it. I am so glad you put this information out there and I wanted to thank you so much!”

Greg’s Note: I do not have a picture available for Chrissy, but she left a voicemail on my phone you can listen to below – even I was surprised at the time it took her warts to go away – 24 hours is NOT normal but with some people it can happen!


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Genital Warts Treatment Review by Nick Beyah

“Great results from your treatment”

“Greetings again Greg this is Nick again the one that sent you the message about the start of the method #2 about close to 3 weeks back. I just wanted inform you that I am seeing great results, I can hardly see the warts now, it’s like they just havn’t dissolved completly away, but it’s just amazing that they are almost gone. So I had to thank G_d almighty and you and for Him blessing you with this knowledge so much, I am feeling so confident again after a year of contracting. In using method #2 it was a stinging not that bad of a feeling but it surely is doing the job. I just wanted to send you this message to let you know how things are going so far and i will keep in touch with you after more results. Thank you again and may G_d almighty bless you and your family with much success talk to you later.”

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Genital Warts Treatment Review by Rebekka Ihuhwa

“No sign of them coming back – I will be forever grateful”

“this i have to share with you. Thank you for your great help and advice on ward. I have to congretulate your report on method number two. My wards are gone. It has been a week now with no treatment and so far,there is no sign of them coming back.

I’m very happy and greatfull for the result. It was deffinately worth spending the US17. My close friends had doubts on purchasing the report, i had faith to give it a try. It saved me alot of money that i would have to pay private docters here or else, the doctors would have burned the wards.the common method known. Thank you once more, i will forever be greatfull.”

Greg’s Note: I decided to post Rebekka’s comments to me exactly as she wrote them, which includes a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes due to the fact she is from Namibia, a country in southern Africa.

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Genital Warts Treatment Review by Tony Woods

“My doctor said the warts were gone after your treatment – thank you!”

“Greg, hi, this is Tony from Phoenix Arizona. I don’t know if you got my e-mail or not but I just wanted to give you a call, and… I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I went to the doctor today, got a clean bill of health – nothing there! Done! I told my doctor what I did and what I put on them and he looked at me like I was crazy but, hey, it worked! That’s ALL that matters. It worked. So thank you again and I’ll be in touch!”

Greg’s Note: This is a summary of what Tony told me in a voicemail he left on my phone. Click the play button below to listen to the whole thing in his own voice.

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Genital Warts Treatment Review by Dianne Hodgkins

“My genital warts were GONE in about 5 days”

“…[quoting the voicemail she left me, which you can listen to by clicking the play button below]… Greg, I’m Dianne in Atlanta, and I just HAVE to call and thank you personally for your genital warts treatment. I got your report last Saturday night on the internet and my warts are already GONE – and I can’t thank you enough. I sent you an email thanking you but I also wanted you to hear the voice of a real person telling you how much I appreciate it. I hope you’re having a wonderful, wonderful day. Thank you – bye bye.”

Greg’s Note: 5 days isn’t the normal amount of time it takes for most people to clear up their warts so Dianne’s phone call really impressed me. But it just depends on the person; some people are really fast at getting rid of their genital warts like I was and for other people it takes longer. Average time is 2 to 3 weeks for most cases.

Genital Warts Treatment Review by James Funn

“Got rid of my genital wart breakout on the 7th day”

“I saw your website then I bought your ‘Genital Warts Report’ and tried method 1. It got rid of my breakout within 7 days. I applied it 2 times a day and on the 7th day I checked and it just disappeared. I was really surprised – it really worked! So if anyone out there is listening, this genital warts treatment – it really does work. Thanks a lot!”

Greg’s Note: Since James was kind enough to leave me a voicemail on my phone, I included his review up higher on this page so more people could listen to it without scrolling down through the page so much.


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Genital Warts Treatment Review by Dan Brown

“My doctor couldn’t tell me, but your website did”

“Just wanted to say how advanced your web page is. After looking at photos i realized i surely have fordyce spots. I wish i had found this page a long time ago. This seems to be a non issue, i will have to research it further although the pictures are extremely consistent. I once went to a doctor and he could not give me a name. But this page did so thank you.”

Greg’s Note: Dan almost got my report but did not have to after discovering that he had fordyce spots. Fordyce spots are something common in about 30% of guys and sometimes mistaken for genital warts.

Genital Warts Treatment Review by Dave Travis

“I’ll be able to sleep better tonight – thank you”

“Greg, hi I talked to you awhile ago and we talked about fordyce spots. I just found out for sure that’s what it is and I appreciate all your help. This’ll ease my mind and I’ll be able to sleep a little better tonight. Thank you.”

Greg’s Note: What Dave is referring to in the voicemail he left me is how my website helped him determine he had fordyce spots instead of genital warts. After he confirmed it, he called and left me this message.


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Genital Warts Treatment Review by Morgan Andrews

“All my warts are gone – I am truly AMAZED”

“I got the report no problem! I have tried this and I have been truly have been AMAZED. Everything has disappeared almost completely just in two days with the only complication of burning – but it was worth it. I can not believe the success that I have experienced with this method. I truly thank you for all your research and time you have put in this project. Thank you again.”

Greg’s Note: Even I am very surprised with Morgan’s success – 2 days is NOT normal for most people, but this just goes to show that once again, quick results ARE possible, although not as likely as the average of 2 to 3 weeks for most cases.

Genital Warts Treatment Review by Keith Nickles

“Method 1 – no results, but method 2 cleared my warts in 4 days”

“Hi Greg. I just wanted to pass along that I used method 1 for 2 weeks with virtually no results. I switched to method 2 and got rid of the warts in just 4 days. It was quite a bit more painful, but it worked great. Thanks for the help.”

Greg’s Note: This is a comment I get from a good number of people. Method 1 in my report is weaker than method 2, but it’s still a good thing to start out on for most people. If method 1 does not produce any visible results within 10 days or so, the best thing to do is switch to method 2. Usually that will clear your warts up pretty fast, as it did for Keith.

Genital Warts Treatment Review by Anne Thormann

“Greg was there for me when I was freaking out”

“hey Greg – alright well ended up going to the doctor today, because i was way to worried about it…. and he ended up tell me that it wasn’t anything bad at all… i think i freaked out a bit to much…. BUT i realllllllyyyyyyyy want to thank you so much… i think i would have been so depress if it wasn’t for you, and not gonna lie i think u probably gave me the courage to go to the doctor and i really want to thank you!! i dont know how else to thank you tho…. you are really amazing to be doing all of this!! and i promise you wont get anymore emails from me freaking out…. (until the next time… nooo im kidding, i think i have learned my lesson now) BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!”

Greg’s Note: Anne did not get my report because she ended up not needing it – turns out she did not have warts at all but it helped a lot to have someone to talk to in the meantime to help figure that out.

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Genital Warts Treatment Review by Tom Hardy

“My warts dissolved away and the bumps are gone”

“Hello Mr. Greg Thompson, I just want to say once I did method 2 the warts like dissolved I guess they were brown and now its not bumpy. Now its just dry and a little rough and a couple of pink craters where the warts used to be. Is that normal? Other than that, this works! Thank you”

Greg’s Note: I replied to Tom’s question and said that yes it was normal for some people to be left with roughness or pink craters in certain cases. All you need to do to help this heal up back to normal is try some aloe vera cream or gel on the area.

Genital Warts Treatment Review by Mio Hiciano

“I don’t even know where to begin thanking you”

“Hey greg I order ur report about a month ago and I thank God I did !! My genital warts have gone away ago using both of your methods … I had almost a year going to my doc and the treatments were working really slow ….even got some discoloration from the acid treatments.. With ur methods I didn’t have as much discoloration .. But just a little .. I’m going to start the aloe treatments .. Any special tips***??? .. I don’t even know where to begin thanking you .. For making my life less stressful with this problem that many ppl have .. Its because of people like u that inspire me to want to make a different in this world .. Just like u did with my life .. I’ll thank you forever !! Thank you greg ! Sooooooooo much…”

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Genital Warts Treatment Review by Kevin Marks

“My genital warts just fell off”

“hello so I email today with good news, the warts are gone, I checked last week and they had reduced them selves to a few small hard bumps that seemed to be hanging on by just a little bit of skin. then the next day they just fell off. the area looked kinda like a WWI battle trench for awhile but with your aloe this is clearing up and will look normal again. I have never dun this befor I didnt know what to expect but im very happy that you are here to guide me ๐Ÿ˜› Thank you”

Genital Warts Treatment Review by Melanie Taylor

“3 days so far and my warts are almost gone”

“hey Greg…i only had one wart that was right on the opening of my vagina 4 small ones and another small one on the inside of my vaginal lips… its been 3 days so far and theyre almost completelly gone… thank you for your help… you’re an earth angel… but one question i do have… i remember you mention that the warts you and your girlfriend had havent returned in four years so far… where any kind of doctorine method they return… do you know weather or not they return in months or any at all if you take a method from the doctor? once again thank you for your help…you sweet little earth angel you!”

Greg’s Note: I replied to Melanie’s question by saying that once you get rid of the warts using method 1 or 2 from my report, my experience has been they should not come back at all as long as you get rid of the wart root. That’s why sometimes it is a good idea to keep treating the area for a few days longer even after they appear to be gone just to make sure nothing is left under the skin. Most freezing or burning treatments do not get the root, so that is why a lot of people report having their genital warts come back within 2 or 3 months after treatment by those methods.

Genital Warts Treatment Review by John Whitfield

“Successful anal wart treatment after 2 weeks”

“I bought your report, and used your system for an anal wart. It grew out, became hard, and fell off after 2 weeks. I used the method 1, then did the second method for the last 3 days or so. That combination did the trick. I did have warts a while back, went to my doctor who treated with acid, then when that didnt work, he used cryotherapy, i.e. cold therapy to try and burn them off, that didnt work, so he sent me to a surgeon who did outpatient surgery under anesthesia and cut them out. That was successful but has left keloid scar tissue. If I had known about your report back then, I could’ve saved myself all that trouble.”

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Genital Warts Treatment Review by John Mayor

“Greg has detailed instructions you won’t find anywhere else”

“Hi Greg, Just wanted to let you know that it’s working! It really is amazing, for years I’ve been bumping in to obstacles, also, the general idea is that genital warts cannot be cured and that the only way to get rid of them is to either cut them, burn them or freeze them. I tried burning once and don’t want to ever try it again.

Your method 2 is the one that works for me. Just about on day 8 I decided to stop a little because I was getting irritated and a rash in the area around the wart, the wart looked gray, so I gave myself a 36 hour break, last night after I showered, more than half the wart just flaked of like dead skin, now I have less that half a wart left, so this morning I continued again since the rash had cleared up a bit.

I would like to thank you for getting this information out, at first when I found your video and then went in you web site I was very skeptical about the whole thing, but at the same time I also felt that it WAS going to work. I’m glad I did buy your report, best investment I’ve ever made. I still have warts to get rid of, these where just the test, now I’m sure I can get rid of them.

Once again I would like to thank you, what you offer is worth it, you have set up detailed instructions one wont find anywhere else and those instructions are what help to keep going and trying, otherwise lots of people would give up. At least that is the way I see it after this experience.”

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Genital Warts Treatment Review by Rayellea Williams

“It’s working – the warts are dropping off!”

“hello Greg.. I got your report for my friend karen and she just thinks you are wonderful!!! she said that its working..they are dropping off or whatever it is that is happening.. she said to tell you that she will keep you in her prayers for the rest of her life.. ;-).. I appreciate all of your patience with us, she is the sweetest person that would give you the shirt off of her back if she thought that you needed it and is the most difficult person to help.. so there you go.. thank you again..I wish she would just contact you, and leave me out of the middle..but she thinks the world will find out..about her “condition”..oh well.. so you can just use my words instead.”

Comment from Greg: This woman purchased my report for a friend who was too shy to contact me directly so instead we communicated back and forth through her. The treatment took longer than most people, but her genital warts finally went away after many years of suffering. I was very happy to hear the news!

Genital Warts Treatment Review by Michelle Griggs

“Since the warts are gone, I can finally let my husband touch me without fear”

“Thank you so much greg, i have been fighting this problem since i was 15, i’m now going on 25 and like many others i’m sure, i have had them burned froze and any other way possible to get them off. I do not usually have more than 2 at a time but i have scars now and it is humiliating considering i’ve been married 7 years and still don’t let my husband touch me. I’ve never told him why, but since my warts cleared up I can tell him and start to live like normal again! Thanks again for your help.”

Genital Warts Treatment Review by Gracie Richardson

“Doctors make me nervous, I’m so glad this worked”

“Hi greg I have been super busy, but I just wanted to inform you that my warts did go away ๐Ÿ™‚ It honestly made me feel very empowered…gynos always say there isn’t anything out there that can cure it the only thing you can do to treat it are the procedures the doctors do..i haven’t gone back to them they honestly just make me nervous I’m so happy that this worked and i wanna keep doing it for a little bit more so that i know they are gone for are a life saver I’m so glad that i stumbled upon your journal you are truly an amazing person to share your sources with everyone. You have made me feel strong and I will never be embarrassed its human nature.
xoxo gracie”

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Genital Warts Treatment Review by Candace Barton

“Surgery and acid treatments didn’t work but your report finally did”

“Dear Greg-
Thank you so much for having the heart to share your discoveries. I had been in a state of confusion for some time now with conflicting information (including doctors). I got your report for information and to use your treatment methods and I also wanted to purchase the report to contribute to your site. I feel a world of difference after discovering your site, relieved and full of hope. I am not sure of the history of my condition however, I do know that I had treatment twice by doctors, once was surgical (they did not get the root of the wart) and eventually I noticed the same thing in what appeared to be in the same spot and got it treated with acid (doctor treatment). This came back too. I do have to say that it was a mortifying experience and the callousness of doctors and support staff (nurse, receptionist) is unreal. They made me feel like a walking time bomb and talked to me as if I was a robot and I was not human. All I have to say is WTF! Sorry for the profanity… Anyway, I want to say your report was the thing that finally worked for me and I have recently met someone incredible. He is really something special and I feel like I deserve to have someone like him and am so glad this issue is no longer a barrier for anything positive in my life. Thank you again for starting this site and your availability, there are few like you in this world.”

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